Tijana Bašić, Novi Sad

Tijana is diligent but goofy.
She can do front-end development in her sleep but she's awful at back-end. She is a girl of average height and can move things using her mind.

Who is Tijana?

Tijana Basic is a descendant of honest Yugoslav family. Coming from somewhere in western Novi Sad, she thinks about things all the best.

For four years she spent most of the day at work, dealing with web and graphic design, photographs, charts and analysis of the readership of the Color Press Group's magazines. She tried to get rid of statistics. Unsuccessfully.

Nevertheless, from december 2012. she is a part of Vega IT's team, where she works as a front-end developer.

When she doesn't work, Tijana likes to stay at home, drink coffee and watch movies. Sometimes she surprises her lungs with fresh air and take a walk but only a short distance so that lungs don't get used to it.

She likes to drive her Batmobile and always arrives on time.

She feels insecure without internet connection.